Univision Redesign


The goal of redesigning the web experience for Univision.com was to drive higher user engagement for the multiple sections of the website to make it easier for our audience to read our articles and increase overall usability of the site. The team and I took a systematic design approach by using the atomic design principles and reached our goal of redesigning website in less than 4 months.  → See live site


  • • Prototyping
  • • UI Design
  • • Content Strategy
  • • User Research







    My role at Univision included a lot of the fundamental UX research and information architecture work going into the redesign of the content being displayed on the site. All of this was a byproduct of engaging in whiteboard sessions with the team and collecting requirements to produce multiple concepts. This helped expedite the process of answering a lot of questions regarding the behavior of widgets, menus, and complex interactions. My deliverables included a navigation header design that supported primary content spots in the menu, the design of of multiple landing pages for their respective content sections.



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