Onswipe Web Redesign


Onswipe is a cross-platform publishing platform. Over a period of two months I worked with cofounders and the lead designer to define the overall look and feel of the Onswipe website redesign. The challenge here was to redesign the website in an effort to tell a more vivid story about the brand and increase publisher sign-ups.



  • • User Experience
  • • UI Design
  • • Content Strategy
  • • User Research



    My role in redesign project included doing a full content audit of the content, engage stakeholders in participatory brainstorming sessions and conceptualize the design. I translated research findings into recommendations and created mocks for the overall look and feel.We also engaged in participatory sessions with the cofounders, business development teams and from that started concept testing.





    From these exercises we ended up mocking up the overall visual design of the website and divided up the work between two designers. 


    In addition to the redesign project, I helped design some of the sharing and favoriting icons on the consumer-facing experiences. Pictured below is the left drawer with favorited articles.

    Onswipe (20131214)




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