Kareo Encounter Tool


Medical Billing is a nightmare. Especially when most billers handle many claims and it becomes difficult to keep track on many statuses and level of completion per claim. Therefore, declining revenue for providers and their medical practices. Enter the Kareo Encounter Tool. I designed a enterprise level billing system for medical coders processing many encounters for medical practices.


  • • User Experience
  • • UI Design
  • • Content Strategy
  • • User Research

    I created an experience around making the process a lot more efficient and more streamlined by identifying what claims haven’t been created and which ones were pending to be done. Identifying this helped medical billing teams prioritize and assign staff appropriately in order to meet monthly goals. Clicking on a line item on the left gives the user a batch of superbills awaiting to be processed by the medical biller. The design on the right includes a document viewer and input fields on the right to capture information on the superbills.





    This decision tree outlines the multiple steps involved in processing a claim and the interaction between the biller and provider. On average providers often send a huge pile of 100+ superbills weekly to be processed as claims so they can get paid for the services provided to patients.





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