Finding the right dog all on your own is hard and a cumbersome process. Dogs are often adopted and returned. Waghunt’s mission is to take out the agony, trouble, and surprises involved with adopting a dog. We’re interested in pairing the right folks with the right dog. Families, seniors, and singles we’ve got you covered.



  • • User Experience
  • • UI Design
  • • Content Strategy
  • • User Research


    Each breed of dog has its pros and cons. As much as we love our furry little friends this can be an issue. What most pet owners neglect to do is identify a dog breed that best supports their lifestyles and interests with their dog of choice.



    Design Solution

    I formed a few hypotheses after interviewing potential and current dog owners. Potential dog owners dislike the idea of studying breeds beforehand and like to choose their dogs spontaneously. They deal with the consequences but in retrospect, they would have liked to find their ideal match. In an effort to decrease wrong matches among dogs and their new homes I designed Waghunt an easy way to meet your new dog. I came up with an onboarding flow that will help guide new dog owners to the right breed of dogs that align well with their lifestyle.

    In addition, I tried streamlining the way appointments are setup with the dog rescues and shelters by designing a chatbot. The chatbot would help decrease the number of calls required and account for unique situations as the pet no longer being there, avoid the number of calls on the same dog and ensure that the pet shelter is not distracted by tasks that can be automated among the dog adopter and pet shelter communication. Lastly, in an effort to decrease the challenge of arriving at a pet shelter for seniors, I set up a “visit me” option so that pet shelter specialists can visit their homes with their new potential pet.  




    View InVision prototype here: https://invis.io/23B4PX0TB





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