Amazon Audiobooks


I designed the overall landing page for a net-new streaming app and an account management experience. With a team of two designers I contributed to the wireframing and overall storytelling in introducing this new Amazon product. During my time there I also did extensive competitive analysis presentations and provided overall UX recommendations for Amazon and Audible products.


  • • User Experience
  • • Information Architecture
  • • Content Strategy
  • • User Research



    I led a team of 3 designers and a product manager to articulate the user stories and the core jobs to be done for a product landing page and user account settings experience. In addition to helping the web team, I led the mobile efforts to create the onboarding user experience collaboratively and helped the team strategize on how to best engage users from the moment they launched the app.


    Competitive Analysis for Mobile Onboarding UX



    Product Landing Page


    Subscription Management Page

    In an effort to retain users on the subscription we bundled other subscriptions before the user made a final decision on canceling their subscription.




    Amazon Spoken2




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